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Transgendered Christians

God has not forsaken us.

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A place where transgendered Christians can converse and support each other.
Being a Christian is hard. Being transgendered is probably harder. But being a transgendered Christian is insanely difficult. Sometimes fellow Christians are quite harsh to people in the GLBT communities, despite the fact Jesus says to love everyone. And especially since they're supposed to help encourage fellow Christians, not judge them and bring them down.

I hope this community helps all of you be able not just to talk to each other but to hopefully grow as Christians. I hope we can also pray for each other and that we can have the strength to keep pushing on, no matter how much the world may tell us we're wrong or that we're not real Christians by the "lifestyle choice" we have to deal with.

God bless you all!

Group Guidelines

1) As Christians, we are here to give glory to God. That's the most important rule. We need to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strengths.
2) We are also here to give support to each other. We're also called to love each other with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength.
3) We are here to help support each other in our journeys. We will have our good and bad days, and as understanding Christians we should be there for each other and help uplift each other.
4) We are all from different denominations and backgrounds. Some of us have been Christians for most of our lives, some for just a short period. Although we can discuss about our backgrounds or churches, don't debate about what groups are better than others or anything. We're all Christians, and we're all here for God, no matter whether heavy metal worship music (or any other topic) is "Christian" or not.

1) If the moderator(s) or maintainer(s) of this group believe that any entry or comment is not conductive to the guidelines above, they are welcome to take actions to the entry or to the member who wrote the entry.
2) For the first entry/comment that goes against the guidelines, the member will receive a LJ message warning telling them about the entry/comment that it happened to, why the moderator felt the warning was necessary, and possibly have the entry/comment removed.
3) For the second entry/comment, the member will have their ummoderated flag turned off. They won't be allowed to post without approval from a moderator. The user will receive another LJ message warning. At the moderator's option they may remove the user from the group.
4) For the third entry/comment, they will be blocked from the group immediately, and a final LJ message will be sent to them.
5) All actions from the moderator(s) are final.

These rules aren't here to be mean. They're here to protect the members of this community from rude or disrespectful people, and to help those on the journey of discovering God in the mess of trying to establish their correct gender.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to email the maintainer. You can send her a LJ message.