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On Transgender at MCCGSL [Nov. 30th, 2008|06:13 pm]
Transgendered Christians


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Through the years the Transgender population at Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis has been rather small. Part of that is I suspect due to the bad rap that Transgendered folks get from many religious denominations and partly due to a lack of outreach to the Transgender community. As a part of our TDOR service for 2008 we made a point of inviting members of the St. Louis Gender Foundation to join us as we paid respect to those who died this year because they tried to live their lives as who they truly were. While their turnout was limited it would appear that the ice has been broken. A case in point. Two women who are Gender Foundation members and have recently started transition and the Real Life Test have contacted me in the last couple of weeks looking for information on MCCGSL. Both came to our 11:30 service today and I would venture to guess that they will be back - this is our modern or "contemporary" service and I suspect that they may have been a bit surprised by the sheer energy/exuberance that they found. Not to mention the warm but not I hope overpowering greeting. A comment from one was "This is nothing like the Church of England!". Welcome Stephanie and Chrissie - we hope to see much of you in the future. And if you prefer something more traditional then our 9:30 service may be to your liking.

So what comes next? I've spoken of joining the Gender Foundation and I suspect that this will be my next move. The chance to put a human face on MCCGSL and let them get to know us is something not to be missed. An email asking in effect "Can I come out and play too?" will be sent - I'll be interested in the response.